photo by Viesturs Petersons

photo by Viesturs Petersons
(c:) 2013 by Dr. V. Petersons, Los Angeles


2005 - 2009

Waiting For Godot / Godo gaidot 

dedicated to my excellent wife Inga Prauliņa (May/June 2010)  
for violin & violoncello [4 mini-movements; 5'45'']
WP: 22 Jun 2010 @ Latvian Composers' Union: Agnese Kanniņa - Liepiņa (vn) & Ainārs Paukšēns (čells). 
ISMN 979-0-69795-229-4


"Pilsētas Romance" / 'The Urban Romance

Ambientā džeza opera / 'ambient jazz opera' 
Vokālā grupa PUTNI
[Music by Uģis Prauliņš, Nic Gotham, Kristaps Pētersons] (2009/2010) audio examples here...

photo by J. Deinats

I just came back from the Putni concert here in Liepaja, and I was SO glad I did, because it's the first time I really got the chance to hear your music, and Ugis, I truly loved it. IT was direct, emotional and powerful. Really, Ugis, Bravo!!!
Charles B. Griffin


Asato maa SAT gamaya (To the Light) 

(Bŗhadāraņyaka Upanišad I.iii. Engl. text: various sources) 4'35''
Mantra/Peace prayer (Shloka) STAGES of the ENLIGHTENMENT
(c) 2009 Uģis Prauliņš PRS/MCPS;

WP Uetersen 22. nov. 2009.
Männerstimmen der Uetersener Chorknaben, Stefan Kuchel (tenor sax).
Hans-Joachim Lustig, conductor.
UETERSEN. Abtauchen. Sich treiben lassen. Alle Sinne öffnen für Klänge und Rhythmen, Farbe und Licht. Teil eines Experiments werden und einfach genießen. Beim "Lichtkonzert" der Männerstimmen der Uetersener Chorknaben unter Leitung von Hans-Joachim Lustig, des Lübecker Saxofonisten Stefan Kuchel und der Pinneberger Lichtkünstlerin Gisela Meyer-Hahn.

Laudibus in sanctis 

dedicated to Stephen Layton (July 2008) [10'30"]
Photo: by Inga Praulina
CD "Baltic Exchange" Hyperion Records Ltd CDA67747
Recorded in the Lady Chapel of Ely Cathedral on 4 - 8 August 2008
Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge. Stephen Layton, conductor.

Exultation of a flamboyant kind is the subject of Laudibus in sanctis. Specially written for and dedicated to Stephen Layton, it is an example of Ugis Praulinš’s undoctrinaire approach to composition, where ‘everything is possible and nothing is absolute’, an open-hearted attitude Praulinš attributes to his background in rock music. Also from rock music, surely, comes the insistent rhythmic drive of much of the music, while the filigree ornamentation is decidedly Baroque. Baroque, too, is the cast of this extended setting of Psalm 150 as a multi-sectional cantata, as are the sustained antiphonal writing and the solo/tutti exchanges. Yet for all its eclecticism of reference the piece has a compelling unity of purpose which reflects the unceasing joyfulness of the words. The sturdy opening pages are an exhaustive and exhilarating exploration of A minor; throughout the piece the chords are frequently of massive density, yet are never opaque, and for the final exhortation (‘Let everything in the world that feeds upon the air of heaven’) the composer summons up music of dazzling brilliance and abandon.

from notes by Gabriel Jackson © 2010

Friday 25 Jul 2008, 20:00
Canada Tour

Elora Festival
Purcell: Hear my prayer
Praulins: Kyrie (Missa Rigensis)
Byrd: Laudibus in sanctis
Praulins: Gloria (Missa Rigensis)
Tallis: Loquebatur variis linguis
Praulins: Credo (Missa Rigensis)
Parry: There is an old belief
Praulins: Sanctus (Missa Rigensis)
Stanford: Beati quorum via
Praulins: Agnus Dei (Missa Rigensis)
Britten: Rejoice in the Lamb
Dove: Seek him that maketh the seven stars
Walton: The Twelve

The Gambrel Barn, Elora

 Rehearsal venue in Elora 2008

Thursday 24 Jul 2008, 18:45
Canada Tour
Concert for Alumni

Gardiner: Te lucis ante terminum
Tallis: Loquebatur variis linguis
Purcell: Hear my prayer
Miskinis: Angelis suis Deus
Einfelde: Lugsana
Praulins: Agnus Dei (Missa Rigensis)
Parry: I was glad

Trinity College Chapel, Toronto

Title Tales of the Sunrise TreeThe Frog Who Didn’t Sing 

Original Title Austras koka pasakas. Kāpēc varde nedziedāja. 2D/3D animation, HD, 16:9, colour, stereo, 13’ Director Nils Skapāns
Screenplay Bob Swain 
Cinematographers RenārsVilkaušs, GorazdKranjc 
Designers François Bruel, Gregor Bajt 
Animators Līga Skirmane, Dita Māsēna, Pārsla Mauriņa, Maija Brence, Inta Silanža, Dace Lūce, Gunta Sudraba, Dina Jansone 
Scene Designer François Bruel Character Designer François Bruel Artists François Bruel, Gregor Bajt 
Computer Graphics Gorazd Kranjc 
Artists François Bruel, Gregor Bajt 
Original Music Uģis Prauliņš Sound Uģis Prauliņš Editors Nils Skapāns, Renārs Vilkaušs Producers Inga Prauliņa, Gorazd Norčič Production Company Jet Media Co-production with Qollective D.O.O (Slovenia) To be released May 2008


Fantasia Rustica 

for alto saxophone and organ (2008) [8']
WP: May 2008 @Sv. Marijas bazn. Umurga parish
Published by Musica Baltica. Sheet music (score & parts) available HERE...
MB 1327, (c) Musica Baltica, 2012. <>
ISMN 979-0-69795-228-7

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Music for piano and string orchestra 

Mūzika Stīgu orķestrim un klavierēm [15']
6+5+4+3+2 & klav.
WP: Berliener Rathaus, 17 Nov 2008. Das Deutsche Kammerorchester Berlin, cond. Gints Glinka, Terēze Rozenberga (piano). 
mp3 here...


Shady Brass Q Suite 

Tr-ne I, Tr-ne II, bTr-ne, Tuba (2007 - 2009) [20']

1. Overture: Allemande (& Gigue)

2. Funky (joke)

3. Air (music)

4. Latvians (ballad)

5. „Courabande”

6. Balkan ‘dance’

6a. Interlude (ad libitum)

7. Flamenco [Evensong] (Intermedia/Gigue)

8. Fanfare tutti (Intermezzo)

9. Blues (& Waltz?)

10. (Gigue &) Reggae!  

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Piesaukšana (Invocation)

21' (2008)

Mīlestības dziesmas 

16' (2007/2008)

Dzīvības koks 

37'17'' (2005)

Saules gaita 

(Saules gaitas / Solaris) 9'45" (2006) 

Ziemsvētki Jaunajā pasaulē [Latvian Solstice in the New World] 

17'39" (2005)
 Salaks - Praulins - Skulte - Dambis - Karlsons - Dubra 
Latvian Christmas Cantatas. Balsis Youth Choir, New York Latvian Concert Choir, A.Jansons conductor
Albany records Catalogue Number: TROY1040 Release Date: Nov 12, 2008 
© 2008 Naxos Digital Services Ltd.

Rolling Stone Magazine

"My Lovely Flax Field," connects to a distant, more exotic past (RollingStone)

My absolute favorite movement is “Mans daiļais linu lauks” (My Lovely Flax Field) from Uģis Prauliņš “Ziemssvētki Jaunajā Pasaulē”. It has such a wonderful combination of the choral sound, but the starkness of winter with the very simple solo melodic line and then even the accompaniment is very simple and static which really paints an amazing picture of the crispness and bareness of the landscape in winter.

Heather MacLaughlin Garbes

Dindaru, dandaru 

Jāzepa Mediņa mūzikas skolas zēnu korim (dir. Romāns Vanags) / ar VKKF atbalstu. 12'14'' (2006) 
WP: EUROPA CANTAT XVI „Songbridge” festivāla gala koncertā 2. VIII 2006, Mainz.  
Dubra - Sisask - Miškinis - Prauliņš
Jazeps Medins music school boys' choir © 2006 JMMS zēnu koris | Romāns Vanags conductor
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Venus Et Amor 

(2004 - 2005) cantata for male chorus, mezzo soprano & instrumental ensemble
(CD 2007) VKG004

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...the University of Washington Chamber Singers under the direction of Dr. Geoffrey Boers ... in Helsinki, the choir sang the Agnus Dei from your Mass of Riga at the Lutheran Cathedral. Jason Anderson (2006 or 2005)


CHIESA PARROCCHIALE S. AMBROGIO Gioved! 08 dicembre 2005 - ore 15.30

Auld lang syne elab. di Ugis Praulins (1957)

03/12/2005 Chiesa San Giorgio via Migliorini 2 Sesto San Giovanni 21:00

Gruppo Corale Licabella di Rovagnate
O Jesu dolce B. Bettinelli (1913-2004)
Ninna Nanna M. Alla
Son tre re A. Mazza
La notte di Natale N. Conci
O felice o chiara notte R. Dionisi
Auld lang syne U. Praulins
Viandanti R. Bertoldo 

diretto da Flora Anna Spreafico

Associazione Corale Licabella 

Sentieri dell'’Anima (2000) 
Direttore: Floranna Spreafico 
Gruppo Corale Licabella 
I Piccoli Cantori delle Colline di Brianza   “

The manuscripts:) [1993]


Magic of Christmas (1995 Madacy)

Auld Lang Syne [arr. 1993] Latvian Radio choir (p),,1029507,00.html 

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