photo by Viesturs Petersons

photo by Viesturs Petersons
(c:) 2013 by Dr. V. Petersons, Los Angeles


Partial list of works

Uģis Prauliņš / Ugis Praulins 

Partial list of works

1978: Praeludium in e, for piano 
1978: Praeludium in f-moll, for oboe and choir 
1990: Šodien, for voice and accompaniment 
1991: Kaķīša dzirnavas, music for the film 
1992: Untamed Fashion Assembly II, soprano solo and virtual ensemble 
1993: Courage To Kill, music for the film 
1994: Untamed Fashion Assembly IV,  for virtual instruments 
1994: Modus Vivendi, for soloists, vocal ensemble and accompaniment 
1995: Un chien Andalou, music for film, string ensemble and percussion 
1997: Hollywood Overture, for virtual orchestra 
1998: Pagānu gadagrāmata, folk album 
1999: Odi et amo, album for choir and ensemble 
2000: Rīga, album, for choir and accompaniment 
2000: Festival Music, for string orchestra and percussion 
2001: Te Deum laudamus, for soloists, choir, symphony orchestra and organ 
2002: Missa Rigensis, for choir 
2002: 6 Epigrams, for soprano solo and piano 
2002: Concerto-concertino, for piano and string orchestra 
2004: Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, ballet 
2005: Venus et Amor, for male chorus, alto solo and ensemble 
2005: Ziemsvētki Jaunajā Pasaulē, for soloists, choir and ensemble 
2008: Muzika, for piano and string orchestra 
2008: Fantasia Rustica, for alto saxophone and organ 
2008: Laudibus in Sanctis, for choir 
2009: To The Light, for tenor saxophone and male chorus 
2009: Shady Brass Q Suite, for trombone quartet 
2010: The Nightingale, for solo recorder and choir 
2010: Gaidot Godo / Waiting for Godot, for violin and cello 
2011: Imagination, for choir and brass quintet 
2011: Opera Ficta, masque, for soloists, choir and baroque ensemble 
2012: Dream Team 1935, music for the film 
2012: Dialogues, for electric guitar and pipe organ 
2013: Overture-Fantasia, for concert band 
2013: Tumsā gāju, for choir and vocal ensemble 
2013: Lux beatissima, for choir 
2013: Iam ver egelidos, for choir 
2014: Not All Words Are Birds, for soprano solo, violin, cello and piano 
2014: Adsit virtus, for choir 

Updated 22 Feb 2015