photo by Viesturs Petersons

photo by Viesturs Petersons
(c:) 2013 by Dr. V. Petersons, Los Angeles




for symphonic winds
(composed 2012-2013) 
MIDI time: 8'30''
World premiere 18 XI 2013 

2013-11-18Great Guild

"Stained Glasses of Riga", RIGA Professional Symphonic Band concert

In programme:

  • Uģis Prauliņš – Concert-fantasy,
  • Nic Gotham — Step, Pivot, Stride,
  • Raimonds Pauls — Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra, and
  • Raimonds Pauls — Old Stained Glasses of Riga.
Riga Saxophone Quartet, soloists Ilona Bagele, Daumants Kalniņš and maestro Raimonds Pauls will participate in the concert that will be lead by the conductor Mārtiņš Ozoliņš.

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