photo by Viesturs Petersons

photo by Viesturs Petersons
(c:) 2013 by Dr. V. Petersons, Los Angeles


Uģis Prauliņš: SELECTED works

Uģis Prauliņš / Ugis Praulins 
composer & musician
Ugis Praulins is a Latvian composer living in Riga and Ērmaņu muiža.
His music is inspired by nature, rock and folk roots.
In 2012 he received a Grammy nomination for the best contemporary composition for his work The Nightingale.
His best known a cappella work Missa Rigensis has been performed across the World.

Text: Latin mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei)
Mixed chorus a cappella
Publisher: Music Sales (Novello) 
Scores: MusicRoom

Text: Hans Christian Andersen (English transl. by R.P. Keigwin)
Instrumentation: SSSSSAAAAACtTTTTTBBBBB; recorders (S-nino, S, A, T)
Publisher: Musica Baltica 

ODI ET AMO (1999) CD album
Text: (Roman) Latin: Catullus, Thomas Campion, The Old Testament, etc.
SATB + rock ensemble
Publisher: Musica Baltica 
LaMPA Award for Album of the Year 1999 

Text: Latvian
Ambient folk concept album
Recording: U.P. & friends UPE CD 009
Best folk album 1999 (LaMPA Award)

 "In contrast to some contemporary composers who have chosen to pursue a difficult and narrow artistic path, struggling over arcane theories and systems, Latvian composer Ugis Praulins has embraced virtually every style of music as a potential resource for creative exploration. 
While eschewing formalism, Praulins never abandons the craft of composition, seamlessly melding folk song, Renaissance polyphony, the unerring sense of timing of a good Rock song and a confident theatricality, to create music that entertains and uplifts." (ProCoro Canada, 2012)