photo by Viesturs Petersons

photo by Viesturs Petersons
(c:) 2013 by Dr. V. Petersons, Los Angeles


Japan Impressions (2018)

„Japan Impressions“ (2018)
 (A cappella song cycle on the XVII/XVIII Century Japanese poetry. ~15 mins)

Commissioned by the NHK Tokyo Children’s Chorus.

 Kenji Otani, conductor

August 22 (Wed): performance at the Sigulda Concert Hall,
WP: August 24 (Fri): performance at the Riga Dome Cathedral
Kenji Otani, conductor
Composer Uģis Prauliņš & Kenji Otani, conductor. (c) 2018 RDKS

17 & 18 November, 2018 in Tokyo
NHK Children’s Choir

Guntars Felsbergs for the connection
Shino Yamasaki and Aya Ueda for the Japanese pronunciation and the translations
Atstushi Eda, director

Special THANKS:
Chifuru Matsubara for the initiation of the project

(c) 2018 Ugis Praulins (PRS/MCPS)