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DOMINE DEUS Rondeau Production ROP6039

Chormusik des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
Kammerkor I Vocalisti
Hans-Joachim Lustig
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Uģis Prauliņš Missa Rigensis (2002) 28:27
Rudolf Mauersberger Wie liegt die Stadt so wüst (1945) 6:48 
György Deák-Bárdos Eli, Eli! (1928) 4:08
Jószef Karai De profundis (1981) 5:55 
Kurt Hessenberg O Herr, mache mich zum Werkzeug deines Friedens op 37 Nr. 1 (1946) 12:11
Aleksandar S. Vujić Vaterunser (1999) 4:23

4. bis 6. juni 2010 und 11. bis 13. Februar 2011 in der Thomaskirche zu Elmshorn  
Rondeau Production

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Kammerchor I Vocalisti - Domine Deus (2011)
Contemporary Classical | Rondeau Production | 2011 | 61:52 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) 
Kammerkor I Vocalisti, Hans-Joachim Lustig, conductor
"Ugis Praulins (b. 1957) counts classical music, folk tunes from his native Latvia and progressive rock among his influences. All three are evident in his impressive Missa Rigensis*, composed in 2002. It combines blocks of choral sound with beautiful melodies, effects reminiscent of electronic music and whispered prayers. ... Setting the traditional text in Latin, the piece lends elements of fresh modern harmonic, rhythmic and textural thinking to a polyphonic tradition traceable through the baroque to the Renaissance. The Gloria has a lively, popular appeal, while the opening Kyrie is rich and magnificent; other sections have a simple, hymn-like quality or a pulsating urgency, not unlike minimalism, but without its repetitiveness. The composer's fondness for syncopated rhythms identifies the piece as a modern work, but one respectful of tradition."



5.0 out of 5 stars Gorgeous Repertoire, Fantastic ChoirMarch 28, 2012
I've been listening to this album at least once a month since I got it in December, 2011 - on my iPod, car stereo, etc. It's spectacular. I had never heard Kammerchor I Vocalisti before, so this was my first time listening to the ensemble. They pay a lot of attention to proper text stress, their balance is great, dynamics have high contrast, the vowels line up, everything sounds amazing. I can't wait to go into their catalog and listen to more. The strongest part of this recording, for me, is the Missa Regensis by Latvian composer Ugis Praulins. It's a 35-minute work that shows off everything this choir does well. Do yourself a favor and add this choir and this album to your choral library.