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Valis. Pod Tune (2014)

Valis. Pod Tune (2014)

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release 11/17/14

POD TUNE Whale/Human Collaborative Music Album to be Released on "Blue Friday" 11/28/14 to Raise Funds in Support of Ocean Health and Vitality.
POD TUNE Volume: Ambient is a unique collection of 14 original songs composed by musicians originating from nine different countries across the globe. Each artist was tasked with creating an original track utilizing actual humpback whale recordings as instruments or singers.
The musicians hail from the United States, Canada, England, Denmark, Latvia, China, Taiwan and Japan.
Each song is classified as ambient while retaining a wholly distinct character within the genre. Some composers relied on elaborate digital processing, others used traditional ethnic instruments, or utilized only a single human voice. The whalesong catalogue was collected from around the globe during the last 50 years by various whale researchers..
Artists participating include: William Basinski, Michael Jorgensen (Wilco), Scott Morgan (loscil), Christina Vantzou, Jacob Kirkergaard and Sugizo. Full bio's for all participants are available AT: podtune.com/humans
Whale songs were supplied by: David Rothenberg, Kent Noonan, Macaulay Library and Paul Knapp. More information is available at: podtune.com/whales
Three producers collaborated to create POD TUNE.
Jessica Gardiner (Producer): "Our aim is to bring whales into people’s lives in an accessible and positive way. We seek to strengthen our connection to the whales in the hopes that more people will choose to take better care of our oceans and all of the life that lives there. We also intend to support the efforts of organizations on a similar mission. Finally—and perhaps most importantly—we wanted to make something beautiful, daring and fun."
Rob Ganger (Producer): "Our goal was to create an artist/whale communion that listeners can feel when hearing the music. If we're going to solve some of the massive environmental issues we face, we've got to create experiences of reverence for nature and all of the species that live here. A sense of wonder and awe can go a long way."
Harold Linde (Producer): “In an era when we are sending private rockets to the International Space Station, landing probes on passing comets, and attempting to colonize Mars, POD TUNE serves as a gentle reminder that within Earth's vast and unexplored oceans, there live enormously intelligent beings who are just waiting for us to listen.”
The release on November 28 coincides with “Black Friday”—which POD TUNE seeks to reclaim as “Blue Friday” to honor the undersea world.
"Giving the gift of music, wild healthy oceans and waterways, and a blue mind to those we love, is so much better than stressfully shopping for stuff, isn't it?" asks marine biologist, Founder of the Blue Mind Project, and POD TUNE collaborator, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols.
Net proceeds from the sale of the album will be going to whale and ocean championing organizations—including the Blue Mind Project and Ocean Alliance.
For more information: podtune.com facebook.com/podtune twitter.com/podtunemusic
Blue Mind Project: BlueMind.me
Ocean Alliance: whale.org
Contact: Harold Linde Producer harold@podtune.com