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Dream Team 1935 "Sapņu komanda"

Dream Team 1935 / Sapņu komanda 1935

Produced by Andrejs Ēķis, directed by Aigars Grauba

Premiere 19 Nov 2012 @Splendid Palace, Riga






Schonell Theatre: Dream Team 1935

The Honorary Consul for Latvia presents…
DREAM TEAM 1935Schonell Theatre, Cinema 2
Director: Aigars Grauba
Writers: Andrejs Ekis, Aigars Grauba
Stars: Janis Amanis, Inga Alsina, Vilis Daudzins
Runtime: 1:58min
Rating: MA15+
An amazing true story of impossible heroes, and an incredible moment in history.
Dream Team 1935 – their game made them a team – their spirit made them champions.
1935 – Geneva, Switzerland.
Europe is struggling to be united as one – yet U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s idea of a united Europe by the means of the League of Nations is being embraced.
Meanwhile, since the 1920s American missionaries have been trying to introduce Europeans to a new sport called basketball.
The first European Championship in basketball is about to take place.  The national teams are meeting each other for the first time.  Each wants the honour of being the first champion.
In Latvia the coach Baumanis is convinced that he can gather a winning team to take it to Geneva.  However, on his journey he quickly learns that triumph and defeat are inevitable parts of the game.  Baumanis faces many hurdles along the way, as well as unexpected help from those closest to him.

Dates: Sunday 17 November 2013



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