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THE NIGHTINGALE Our Recordings 6.220605

Michala Petri recorders
conducted by Stephen Layton
Worldpremiere recordings
UGIS PRAULINS The Nightingale (2010)
Introduction: Emperor's Garden 03:10
Nightingale Theme 01:47
Emperor and Gentleman-in-waiting 02:13
In the Quest 01:22
"There she is..." 01:16
At the Palace 04:59
The Artificial Bird 04:11
The Emperor and The Death 06:30
Reprise 02:16

DANIEL BÖRTZ Nemesis divina (2006) 13:55 

SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN "I" (2011) 09:05 

PETER BRUUN 2 scenes with Skylark (2011) 

The Sea and the Skylark 04:48
The Caged Skylark 03:42

Recorded August 8-12 2011 in Christianskirken, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Produced by Our Recordings www.ourrecordings.com 
Executive producers: Lars Hannibal and Ivar Munk
Distributed by NGL Naxos Global Logistics GmbH 

Release date 31-Oct-2011

LISTEN to the samples HERE


Uģis Prauliņš 'The Nightingale' 
Grammy nomination for the best classical composition
ECHO KLASSIK 2012 award

Commissioned by the Danish Radio
"The Nightingale" SCORES

Printed Score: 200 pages - 34.90 EUR

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Fanfare Magazine "Michala Petri plays very old and very new music" by Maria Nockin


An essential disc of world premieres that stuns the senses and absolutely delights the ear.

Latvian composer Ugis Praulins has created the best work on the disc, taking eight sections from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Nightingale to make a 30-minute piece of great theatricality and ecstatic utterance, notwithstanding what also amounts to a full-fledged recorder concerto as well. Praulins has a wide and eclectic background that refuses to be pigeonholed, so I won’t try here; suffice it to say that this piece grabs you immediately while also giving the choir an intense workout in choral virtuosity and range, the recorder commenting perfectly along the way.
Published on August 25, 2012

‘TIS THE (CHORAL) SEASONClassical Corner — 05 December 2011
By Lawrence Schenbeck

And here is another recording worth checking out: Michala Petri, recorder superstar, teamed with the Danish National Vocal Ensemble and conductor Stephen Layton (another Brit!) in four works composed especially for her. The result is The Nightingale from OUR Recordings, another multichannel must-have. Just listen to the first cut:
“My word! That’s lovely!” These books went all over the world / and so in course of time / some of them reached the Emperor / there he sat in his golden chair reading: / “But the nightingale is really the best of all.” (After Hans Christian Andersen)
The rich invention of The Nightingale (music by Ugis Praulins, b. 1957), based upon Andersen’s beloved tale of the emperor and the nightingale, is matched—at least—by the other standout work on this SACD, 2 Scenes with Skylark, on texts by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Ugis Praulins’s The Nightingale is a recent score is an adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the same name. It is the same tale employed by Stravinsky for his 1917 opera Le rossignol. The story tells of an emperor who rejects the song of a real nightingale for that of a bejeweled mechanical one. However, when the emperor falls deathly ill the nightingale returns and sings, and God is so moved by its song that he leaves and the emperor recovers. Praulins’s musical setting was composed in 2010 for the Danish National Vocal Ensemble and flutist Michala Petri. The Latvian composer is known for his free mixture of influences as wide ranging as heavy-metal bands, folk music, film scoring, and Renaissance counterpoint. These influences all converged in this score creating what one reviewer described as a “continuously changing tapestry of sound that nevertheless hangs together remarkably well, effortlessly expressing the fancy in the Andersen fragments.”

...absolutely essential disc for fans of Michala, choral music, Nordic composers, and contemporary music with a HEART as well as with a 'system.'

"Latvian composer Ugis Praulins magical adaptation of Andersen’s beloved fairy tale"
David Hurwitz, www.ClassicsToday.com  Posted  by 

Just listening to it on BBC Radio sung by Danish ensemble. Astonishing - very exciting. Brilliant performance too. 
Stuart Manger 2011.12.12. 
The Nightingale (2011) by the Latvian Ugis Praulins is essentially a 30-minute concerto, consisting of a series of eight colourful tableaux based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of the Emperor and the Nightingale. It demands an astonish choral range of four octaves. The seventh section, ‘The Artifical Bird’, is a marvel of invention, with percussive imitations and multiphonics


“The Nightingale”

AllMusic Review by James Manheim / rating: **** (4 from 5)

Veteran Danish recorder virtuosa Michala Petri gets top billing here, but the Danish National Vocal Ensemble, under the direction of British conductor Stephen Layton, deserves at least equal billing. The main attraction is The Nightingale by Latvian composer Ugis Praulins,